App Store for cheap applications onlyA recent analysis by compete showed that zero or slightly higher than that was still the number of application downloads on the non-iPhone platform, and another survey revealed that apprently iPhone app store users were the least willing to pay a higher fee for content, and in another report by mobile app/game ad network Greystripe confirms what a lot of iPhone/iPod touch owners already know — namely, that the lifespan of a typical iPhone app is short, real short. In fact, the average iPhone App is used a mere 20 times before it’s sent out to pasture. In restaurant-speak, Apple has cornered the market on “fast food” (and by inference, short-order cooks), but has yet to find the model that drives fine chefs to create white tablecloth, extended dining experiences.

This to me suggests that there is room for a mobile app store that specifically delivers quality content, for higher price than the current norm on the apple app store. This will cover the needs for those end users that are willing to pay a higher price for quality mobile applications catering to their business or personal needs and will cover the requirement of those developers that seek to market and sell their mobile applications for a price higher than that is sellable to the iPhone market.

I think that quality developers will shift from Apple’s iPhone App Store towards other App Stores, such as the newly launched BlackBerry AppWorld, for reasons that would allow them the ability to market to a higher paying segment, that currently does not exist with the iPhone users, and sell their content at a price that they seem fit for their target market.


What do you think?

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