Etisalat du    Blackberry for email & enterprise, Iphone for style & fun, and the Gphone (Android) for web convenience are the new shiny toys that the telcos like to call ‘their offerings’. How have these phones changed the business of Telco? Well for starters, they have added ‘cool’ to the equation and have increased a sentiment amongst the end users for considering mobility as a deliverer of the micro web platform and becoming your one stop connection node to the world and its offerings. However, how is this going to affect the Telcos in the future? Are telcos losing control over possible revenues from the web content, from advertisements, from voice and messaging by offering these shiny new toys capable of running on super fast internet connection that is able to deliver live video, voice over IP, capable of providing location based services regardless of GPS (Google maps), capable of running its own browser based advertisement network, and capable of becoming a channel for all mobile content?

The inevitable evolution towards an all IP based infrastructure, LTE, Wimax, for providing voice, video & data services could end traditional revenue models for telcos as the content providers & mobile phone manufacturers are slowly and surely taking up the role to serve as Telcos, so where does that leave the telcos with their subscribers? Well they need to soon figure that out by finding a way to generate revenue from content & delivery on an all IP based network or else they will be forced to sell off their users information to advertisers to justify their operational costs.

What do you think?

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